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Farm Venues

Event Venues in Maui

Unleash your event’s full potential in nature’s embrace at our Maui plantation event venues! Picture your gathering amidst the stunning beauty of Maui’s finest – whether it’s the decadent allure of our cacao farm, the laid-back charm of our coconut grove, the tangy excitement of our pineapple haven, or the sweet romance of our honey and flower sanctuary. Our farms aren’t just venues, they’re experience! Choose from our options below!

Indulge in a unique blend of sweetness and sophistication by hosting your next event at our enchanting chocolate farm venue in Maui! Experience the magic of cacao cultivation and savor exquisite, locally crafted chocolates.

Escape to a tropical paradise for your next event by choosing our coconut farm venue in Maui, where the breezy ambiance and coconut-infused moments add a touch of exotic delight to your professional gathering.